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RIZN takes place in a post-apocalyptic world where the R1Z-N virus has turned the entire population into the walking dead. You'll take control of a character recently bitten and infected with this plague and must shoot your way through large hordes of the undead in an effort to survive.

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Along the way, you'll need to craft injections to stave off infection long enough to locate and use research stations to find a cure. With a heavy focus on cartoon gore and a thin veil of comic relief, RIZN relies heavily on the physics engine to create crazy and exaggerated results for headshots, explosions, and more.

Game Modes

Story - Choose one of two characters and experience their unique story as told through a graphic novel. Stave off infection long enough and you may just survive this apocalypse.

Survival - Make your way through randomly generated quarantine zones with the only goal being to survive as long as you possibly can. No story, no respawns, no mercy.

Horde - Survive wave after wave of rizn - each more challenging than the next - for as long as you can.

Circus - Enjoy a dose of stress relief in the form of confetti-filled clowns with heads that pop like balloons.


  • 2 unique stories told through in-game graphic novels
  • Procedurally generated city
  • 30 Playable characters
  • 40+ zombie variants
  • 4 game modes
  • 130+ weapon mods
  • Full day/night cycle
  • Weather system
  • Crafting system
  • Controller support
  • In-game achievements
  • Real-time world desaturation

A full day in the apocalypse (March 2022)

Release Schedule*

Alpha (Fall 2023) - Survival mode available with 11 playable characters

Beta (spring 2024) - Survival, Horde, and Circus modes available with 11 playable characters and full controller support

Official Release (Fall 2024) - Story mode available with 2 unique stories told via 2 playable characters; Survival, Horde, and Circus modes available with 30 playable characters

* Release schedule is my best estimate, all release dates are subject to potential unforeseen delays


Pre-order Now$19.99 USD or more

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Pre order placed 
stoked to support you


Can't thank you enough for the support! After two and a half years of solo work, it feels incredible to have sold a copy. Thanks so much!


I told you about 10 or so months ago when I stumbled on your youtube I would pre order as soon as it was ready :D 

Is this going on steam as well?


No plans for Steam at the moment, I like Itch and will favor keeping things simple for now. If all goes well then consoles are more likely, but I may reconsider Steam in the future.


My brother and a few other friends are following as well hopefully they grab a copy :D


That's great to hear, any support is appreciated, be that pre-orders or followers. :)